All about Savannah Cats

What is a Savannah cat?

A Savannah cat is a hybred cat crossing an African Serval and a Domestic cat. The first known kitten was produced in 1986 and posssessed traits of both domestic cats and the African Serval. The breed was accepted by TICA in 2001 as a new registered breed. TICA accepted in 2012 as a champion breed.

Generations and genetic explained

What is the F1 mean? The “F” stands for Filial which are subsequent sets of offspring from controlled or observed reproduction. So F1 is the first observed reproduction of Savannah Cat from its ancestor African Serval.

F1= Serval father of the kitten and mother is a domestic cat. (50% serval)

F2= Serval grandfather/mother of kitten (25% – 45% serval)

F3= Serval great grandfather of kitten (12.5% serval)

What do the letters stand for A, B, C, SBT

“A” One of the parents of the kitten is not a Savannah (Savannah and Serval)

“B” Both of the parents of the kitten are Savannahs (Savannah A and Male Savannah)

“C” Parents and grandparents are Savannahs (Savannah B and a Male Savannah)

“SBT” or Stud Book Traditional, parents, grandparents and great grandparents are Savannahs (Savannah C to Male Savannah)

Why is Male Savannah always back to generation A, B, C or SBT? Due to Haldane’s rule of genetics HMS (hybrid male sterility) occurs in hybrids till as far out as F5 or later generations.